How to Avoid the Common Mistakes in Estate Planning

A lot of people do not consider planning their estates because they believe it’s only for those who are rich and have a lot of assets. There are also those who believe it’s a waste of their time so they don’t arrange their wills or estate plans. This is just one of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to estate planning.

1. Not having an estate plan or a will.

Having an estate plan and a will can ensure you that your assets will go to whoever you wish it to go to. If you die or have an accident that deprives you of the capability to manage your investments and your assets, the court will be the one to distribute it to your heirs which will likely not go to the people you desire it to go to. It is important to plan your will before something happens to you so you can be sure that your assets will go to who you think will rightfully deserve them.

2. No appointment of guardians to children.

Most people believe that wills are only for the distribution of wealth and assets of a person you died or is in a state in which he cannot manage his assets. However, there are many cases wherein the children are left with no guardians and are left as orphans in cases when their parents are both no longer with them. If you have children below 18 years of age, then you should put in your will the guardians you appoint to care for your children.

3. The estate plan isn’t reviewed every three years.

There are cases wherein there are needed changes in the plan. These cases include getting married, having a divorce, having a new member in the family and so on. Some people fail to review their estate plans so there are members in their family who do not get part of their wealth and assets even though the person wants them to receive some. It is best to review the estate plan or will every three years to make sure that the details are as they want it to be.

4. Sideways inheritance is not considered.

There are couples who put in their will that their wealth and assets will go to their partner in the event of their death. If the remaining spouse dies, then the inheritance will go to their children. However, the problem with sideways inheritance is that there are times when the remaining partner remarries which then places the inheritance to their new spouse which invalidates the will. Make sure you plan a will which makes sure that your children will have part of your assets no matter what situation takes place.

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Estate Planning : Tips for Wealth Management

The Ability of Turmeric to Lower Cholesterol

Turmeric is the yellow colored powder commonly used in culinary as a spice. It is a perennial plant which belongs to the garlic family which is commonly found in India, Malaysia and in some parts of Asia. It is used for centuries in Chinese medicine to treat infections, various gastrointestinal ailments and many more. Because of the number of health benefits turmeric has and the desire of people to live a healthy lifestyle today, many manufacturers have made a supplement out of it. Currently, turmeric is known for its antioxidant properties along with its anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Surprisingly, one of the health benefits of turmeric is that it lowers cholesterol levels in the body.

How does turmeric lower cholesterol?

The capability of turmeric to lower cholesterol levels is due to its active component known as curcumin. Research has proven that curcumin increases the production of enzymes in the liver. It acts as a messaging molecule which communicates with the genes in the liver. When the genes receive the message, they will then produce more proteins need to produce the LDL receptors. These receptors are needed to clear the bad cholesterol production in the body.

A study has proven that those who take in turmeric in their system were found to decrease the amount of LDL cholesterol by one-half to one third of the original levels compared to those who do not take in turmeric. This is a considerable amount of reduced cholesterol in the body which can greatly improve the health of those who take in the supplements.

Turmeric has many more health benefits other than lowering cholesterol levels in the body. And the best way to make sure you get the recommended amount of turmeric is to take it in through health supplements. This is the easiest way to include turmeric and curcumin in your diet to make sure that you live a healthy lifestyle.

However, you must make sure that the supplements you take in lets your body absorb as much curcumin it as possible.

Curcumin has a low bioavailability in general. This means that the body absorbs only a small portion of it leaving the rest to be removed out of the body as waste. It is best to look for the best turmeric supplement which allows your body to absorb a big portion of the curcumin in your system.

Circumin and turmeric kangen ukon benefits are truly immeasurable making them really essential parts of our daily diet.

Turmeric Curcumin, MGUS, and Multiple Myeloma

Why Your Bankruptcy Filing Can Get Dismissed

Debt is one of the problems of many people around the world. Those who go deep under it resort to bankruptcy as their last option to get rid of this burden in their lives. Everyone who files for bankruptcy dreams of receiving the bankruptcy discharge in their mail. This discharge allows them to have their debt completely wiped out and the creditors will no longer go after them in the future. However, not everyone who files for bankruptcy receives the discharge. There are those who did not follow the rules and the procedure or make mistakes in their documents, which is why their bankruptcy filing ends up getting dismissed.

There are those debtors who get bankruptcy dismissals without prejudice.

This means that they can file for bankruptcy again at any time. Usually, the dismissal is caused by incomplete documents. There are some who misplace or miss out a page of their bankruptcy petition.

For a bankruptcy petition to move forward, all the needed documents must be provided. These are submitted to the bankruptcy court, which are then forwarded to the trustee. The court will send a mail to the debtor stating that there are missing documents in the petition and would give a certain amount of time for the individual to turn them in. If they aren’t able to do so, it will lead to the bankruptcy dismissal.

Another reason why bankruptcy filings are dismissed is not submitting all the documents which the bankruptcy trustee asked for.

The trustee will ask for additional information during the meeting with the creditors or the 341 meeting if it is necessary. There are times when the bankruptcy will ask for additional documents or proof of the employment of the individual or maybe proof of his property. If the person fails to submit it, there will then be a notice sent to the individual regarding the bankruptcy filing and would be given a timeframe to turn in the needed documents. If they don’t send it in, the bankruptcy filing will get dismissed. This is the reason why bankruptcy attorneys tell their clients to make sure that the documents for their petition are complete before sending them to court.

These mistakes can be avoided if the client has a bankruptcy attorney which gives them a high chance to get the bankruptcy discharge.

The attorney will make sure that there are no missing documents before the bankruptcy petition is sent to court which makes it less likely to get dismissed.

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